How much has Taukir Ahmed's 'spark' ignited?

How much has Taukir Ahmed's 'spark' ignited?

The time is 1997 or 1998; Taukir Ahmed is then giving away one drama after another to the audience. Toukir himself may not have known that his name would appear in the list of successful producers by printing the name of the actor. In my eyes, Taukir Ahmed is one of the most talented directors in the subcontinent. So my expectations of him are a bit higher. Those who have seen the movie 'Halda' under his direction will surely agree with me. He started his directing career with the movie 'Jayayatra'. One by one, Anonymous, Cinnamon Island, Fairy Tales, Jalal's Story, Fagun Hawa. The songs and dialogues of the liberation war based film 'Fagun Hawa' that have touched the modern generation can be understood by searching on YouTube.

'Dream Bangladesh' produced 'Spark' was released on March 26. Director Taukir Ahmed is quite optimistic and says that the attempt of this movie is to create a harmony of youth with the ideals and consciousness of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu. Bangabandhu must have seen the spark in the hearts of the people in 1971; Otherwise this country would not have been born. Again, if we go to analyze the current generation, then there must be a hidden fire inside them which can ignite and spread sparks when it comes in contact with matches. I think the naming of the movie is appropriate.

Fazlur Rahman Babu could not act in this movie till the end. Star performers include Mamunur Rashid, Abul Hayat, Shahidul Islam Sachchu, Raunak Hasan, Zakia Bari Mom, Parimani and Shyamal Maula.

Abul Hayat has played the role of a university professor; Who is always busy speaking against the spirit of the liberation war. He humiliates Perth verbally and does the trick of getting her to pass the test. Undoubtedly, Abul Hayat is one of the casting in such a character.

When Mamunur Rashid and Shahidul Islam Sachu, these two actors come in front of the camera, it seems that the whole frame has come alive; There is no denying that there is a skilled magician behind their eye expressions and the art of throwing dialogue.

Parimani-Raunak-Shyamal in Taukir's seventh film

Raunak Hasan as Barrister Asif is a great choice. His body language, sharp expression has managed to show a lawyer in a great way. AK Azad Setu has appeared on the screen as a remand officer with low presence on the screen. Except for a few scenes, strong voices, rude behavior nicely explained that the accused were tortured in remand.

Parimani and Zakia Bari Mom; I think he did as much for them as he did for the character. Although the names of all the others are not remembered at the moment, no character seems to have been exaggerated or imposed.

In this movie, Hasnat Ripon as Zafar is easily accepted by the audience. I think the band would have been more impressed if Perth Barua had been cast as a senior vocalist.

The dialogue was quite enjoyable in the screenplay written by Taukir Ahmed. At the cinema hall, laughter has risen in the audience at every moment. The only premise of this movie is the band's songs; All in one word, great. The lyrics and composition are touching for all ages. Sometimes I have doubts in myself whether I am sitting in the hall or in the concert. Pintu Ghosh and Rokon Emon's 'Bujhi Na' or 'Tomar Naam' songs are going great on YouTube.


Toukir Ahmed has maintained the same style in the movies that the band artists have been wearing for the eighties; The only exception is Shyamal Maula. Mummer costume was right on Irene's character. The tattoos are quite adaptable, not just the glitter under the lips; Seemed imposed. The daytime character in ordinary women's clothing is as gorgeous as ever. And it is not clear why Shahidul Alam Sachu wore a night gown all the time.

Parthar's house, the tree-lined veranda of the poet's house, the lawyer's office, the inner part of the court, the sunflowers, the boat river, everything was a sight to behold. The art direction was quite enjoyable, the occasional appearance of Bangabandhu on the wall brought novelty. And the singing room was quite believable.

Adding to the searches of bus passengers during the liberation war, the director showed Perth and his friend carrying a bottle of liquor in a car, evading police. It is not clear how the freedom fighters and the current smugglers of liquor were reconciled in the cannons of the two-time police interrogation.

The officer was seen breaking the finger of Perth who was stuck in remand in the rape case. Besides, the director showed the breaking of the finger of the freedom fighter of Pakhanadar forces. In what sense is this connection?

It is not possible to call a spark film a success by accepting some inconsistencies.